Accept Offer of Admission

Congratulations on your offer of admission to Iowa State University! Whether you're ready to accept your offer or just want to check out your housing options, this is the place to start.

Note: The acceptance process is only for undergraduate applicants. Students applying for graduate degrees just need to notify their graduate programs of study of their decision.

To accept your offer of admission, you must complete an admissions acceptance form and pay your acceptance fee. If you wish to accept online, you will also need to pay your acceptance fee online by credit card.

Accept your Offer of Admission

You can accept your offer of admission online by logging in to your Admissions account.

If you prefer to return your admissions acceptance form by mail, rather than using the online method, print the acceptance form from the link provided below. After you complete the form, mail it to the Office of Admissions with a check or money order made payable to Iowa State University.

Printable Acceptance Form  (PDF format)

Explore your Housing Options

Learn about living options in residence halls, university apartments, and fraternities and sororities; the priority system for assigning university housing; and the advantages of accepting your offer of admission as early as possible. To reserve space in university residence halls or apartments, you will need to submit a university housing contract after you accept your offer of admission.

Reserve your University Housing

If you have accepted your offer of admission, paid your acceptance fee, and decided that you want to live in university residence halls or apartments, you can complete your housing contract online. This contract does not apply to sororities, fraternities, or off-campus (non-university) housing. Reserve your Housing Online


Invitations for orientation are mailed to those students who have accepted their offer of admission. Visit the Orientation website to see when your orientation will take place.

Refund Policy

If you choose to withdraw your offer of admission, please be aware of our acceptance fee policy.