Credit by Exam

If you have a superior high school background or if you have college-level proficiency in certain subject areas, consider the advantages of earning credit by examination at Iowa State University.

  • Fulfill basic education requirements with courses from a wider variety of academic areas than most students.
  • Gain advanced standing in introductory courses.
  • Accelerate your entire academic career and perhaps even graduate early!

Credit earned by examination is not used in computing grade point averages. However, credit earned does become part of your official record and may be applied toward graduation requirements at Iowa State University. Iowa State University does not set a maximum number of credits that you may earn by examination. However, at least one year of residence is required for graduation.

Transferring Credit Earned by Exam

If AP or CLEP credit is earned at any Iowa public college or university and is accompanied by at least 12 semester credits earned in residence at the sending institution, it may be transferred directly to Iowa State University.

If your AP or CLEP credit is from any other college or university, your scores must be sent to the Office of Admissions and credit will be awarded based on our requirements.