Eligibility Requirements and Application Instructions

Prior to completion of the Admissions Partnership Program (APP) application, please visit with your Iowa community college adviser in order to ensure that APP is the best fit for you.

Your APP application is not your application for admission to Iowa State or your community college. Please contact your community college to learn more about their application process. When you are ready to transfer to Iowa State, please complete the application for admission at admissions.iastate.edu/apply.

Eligibility Requirements*

  • Students must be high school graduates.
  • Students must be enrolled at their community college taking coursework leading to transfer.
  • Students who have attempted community college course work must have a cumulative transferable (academic) GPA of 2.0 or better.
    • Note: The GPA is calculated from all colleges attended, not just the APP school.
    • Note: Career technical, developmental/remedial, and military credits do not count towards a transferrable academic GPA.
  • Current or former Iowa State University credit students, including students enrolled in off-campus programs, are not eligible.
  • Students who have taken courses at Iowa State prior to high school graduation, or during the summer immediately following graduation from high school, are eligible for the Admissions Partnership Program.
  • The following majors within the College of Design require completion of the one-year pre-professional Design Core Program: architecture, graphic design, industrial design, integrated studio arts, interior design, and landscape architecture. Students interested in these majors are encouraged to contact Jennifer Anderson or call 515 294-7415 to learn more about the Design Core Program and how it impacts the Admission Partnership Program.

Instructions and Special Information

  • Include a valid e-mail address on your application. E-mail is required as it is the primary means of communication between you and your Iowa State academic adviser.
  • Item #1: use your legal name if your college records may appear under a different name.
  • Item #6: if you are enrolled at an Iowa community college and wish to begin APP immediately select the current term.
  • Item #16: list all of the colleges from which you have attempted college coursework.
  • Item #17: list the college courses you are now taking or will take prior to your entry into APP.
  • Request an official copy of your transcript be sent to Iowa State from each college you have attended. You do not need to request a transcript from your APP community college. Your APP community college will send an official transcript to Iowa State during each semester of program participation. Transcripts should be sent to Iowa State University, Office of Admissions, Enrollment Services Center, 2433 Union Drive, Ames, IA 50011-2011.
  • Visit the Admissions Partnership Program page for additional information.
  • Visit the transfer admissions page or call 800 262-3810 for information regarding transferring to Iowa State.
  • Access additional transfer planning resources such as course equivalency guides, transfer plans, and TRANSIT.

* Note for nonresident applicants: Participation in the Admissions Partnership Program does not necessarily qualify you for residency at Iowa State University. The guidelines for classifying students as residents or nonresidents differ, depending on the educational institution. Residency requirements at the community college are not the same as residency requirements at the Iowa Regent universities. Thus a student may be classified as a resident at a community college, yet not meet the residency requirements at Iowa State University. For information regarding residency classification at Iowa State University, visit the Residency for Admission and Tuition page or contact the Iowa State University Office of the Registrar at 515-294-0762.

Note for students with disabilities: Information regarding students receiving accommodations through disability services will not be shared between institutions. Any student who believes they are eligible for reasonable accommodations at Iowa State should contact the Office of Student Disability Resources at 515 294-7220.

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