Prospective APP Participant FAQ

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  1. What is the Admissions Partnership Program?
  2. Who can I contact when I have questions about APP?
  3. What are the eligibility requirements for APP?
  4. What if I have a community college GPA below 2.0, but want to participate in APP?
  5. Do students take courses at both institutions concurrently?
  6. How will students be able to apply for the Admissions Partnership Program?
  7. Do students have to apply for APP when they begin at their community college, or can they sign up anytime?
  8. What are the benefits for a student participating in the Admissions Partnership Program?
  9. At what point will participating students actually be admitted to Iowa State University?
  10. Are students who participate in the Admissions Partnership Program held to different admissions standards than other students seeking admission to Iowa State University?
  11. Under what circumstances would a student who participates in the Admissions Partnership Program not be admitted to Iowa State University?
  12. Are APP students held to different Iowa State admission requirements?
  13. What if I am interested in the College of Design?
  14. Can undecided / open option students participate in APP?
  15. Does participation guarantee that a student can graduate with a bachelor's degree in two years / four semesters after completing two years / an associate's degree at their community college?
  16. How will I know if I'm accepted into APP?
  17. How do I find a participating community college academic adviser or counselor?
  18. If I am classified as an Iowa resident for the purposes of admission and tuition assessment at my community college, will I also be classified as an Iowa resident upon transfer to Iowa State University?
  19. How do I pay the Student Activity Fee on my university bill (U-Bill)?
  20. Am I eligible for financial aid through Iowa State University as a participant in the Admissions Partnership Program?

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